Prime Minister due to set out plans for Brexit during first address to MPs as PM

Boris Johnson has addressed MPs in the House of Commons for the first time since becoming Prime Minister.
The new Prime Minister vowed to “mobilise” officials and resources to put steel behind his Tory leadership campaign promise to leave the EU by October 31.

It came after Mr Johnson held his inaugural Cabinet meeting on his first day in Downing Street.

Arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg and Vote Leave veterans Priti Patel and Dominic Raab were among those joined discussions at the top table.

Boris Johnson warned Europe today that no-deal preparations are a “top priority” and that money was no object in preparing the country to crash out of the European Union if necessary.
The new Prime Minister vowed to mobilise officials and resources to put steel behind his Tory leadership campaign promise to leave by October 31.

“I have asked the Cabinet Secretary to mobilise the Civil Service to deliver this outcome if it should become necessary,” he told the House of Commons. “And the Chancellor has confirmed that all necessary funding will be made available.”

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The UK Government has issued several communications detailing mechanisms to make the implementation of tariffs on imports from the EU less onerous for UK importers. Firstly, there will be no import duties levied in the first 12 months post Brexit, and secondly you can register for Transitional Simplified Procedure and account for import VAT in your Company VAT return.

Customs requirements post Brexit

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