7 Top FBA Tips For Newbies

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7 top fba tips for newbies?

These 7 top FBA tips for newbies is for those of you who have not yet heard of FBA or who simply don’t fully understand. Fulfillment By Amazon otherwise known as FBA is a service Amazon provides its sellers. Essentially, sellers, Like you send in their products (thats what we can do) to an Amazon storage and distribution center. 

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This is an exciting platform that has already allowed 1000s of business owners to expedite growth and serve new customer bases. FBA will get your products will be on the shelves at an Amazon fullfillmet centre. 

It means that your products will be put in front on millions of potential customers via the Amazon website. Anyone buying your product all the benefits of being a Amazon customer such as super fast free delivery (Prime) as well as world class customer service fullfilled by Amazon on your behalf.

“At CCT Worldwide we have seen first hand the power of FBA. We have had countless customers that have started off importing a partial load of stock to test the market to within weeks increasing sales and imports ten fold.”

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5|Use Keywords and full descriptions
One of the most important ways to get your product selling is by using keywords. When listing an original item on Amazon you will need to create a new product.  This will allow you to enter keywords information which are the sort of terms that your customers are looking for.

6|Buy more and store
It is often worthwhile to discuss with your manufacturer further price breaks should you order a higher quantity of stock.  A lot of customers do this and then the excess stock held at our secure warehouse waiting to forward onto Amazon as soon as the first batch of stock has sold.

7|Marketing Your Product Outside Of Amazon 
Amazon will not let you back link to your own social media or website but the opposite is 100% permissible and recommended. Consider promoting your listings via any of your channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In order to drive traffic to your listing.