Brexit Update From CCT Worldwide

As Brexit draws nearer, there is a lot of uncertainty around what lies ahead for companies both importing and exporting via the EU and the problems that can arise due to the UK potentially leaving without a deal on 31st October. Below will provide a bit more detail into a “no-deal Brexit” and what to expect should this theory become a reality.

Previously when importing goods from the EU into the UK goods were able to move freely without the need to pay import duties. However, assuming the UK leaves the EU on 31st October without a deal this will all change drastically as import tariffs will be due on all EU goods following Brexit. This can either be treated as a third country declaration, whereby you pay the import duties as the cargo arrives at the border and clear the goods immediately, or you can use Transitional Simplified Procedures. This is a new procedure introduced by the government whereby import duties can be postponed until a later date during this transition period. For more information and to apply for this procedure on this please use the following:

For exports, previously if the goods were in free circulation no entry was required to move these. However assuming a no-deal Brexit is in place, all goods being exported to the EU will require an export declaration to be made. This paperwork will also need to be given to your hauliers in advance so that they are able to produce the necessary documents in order for the goods to successfully depart the UK and enter the EU. If they arrive at the border without the required documents then the goods can be refused entry and will be unable to move on, no doubt causing delay and additional cost to the cargo owner.

If you have any questions regarding the impact of Brexit on customs formalities around EU imports/exports do not hesitate to be in touch with us, we would be delighted to help.