Getting Brexit Ready

Transitional Simplified Procedure

Having been a licenced customs broker since 1984 serving all UK gateways to imports/exports alike CCT is well positioned to handle all your EU import and export customs clearance needs should we leave the EU Customs Union. To be as ready and prepared as you can be please ensure your business has both a valid EORI number and that you have been authorised to use the new Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP) arrangements around customs declarations (post Brexit).

TSP is the new transitional simplified procedure being introduced by the UK Government to help ease potential port congestion issues post Brexit. It comprises a simplified customs declaration to all UK imports from the EU (upon arrival at border) followed by a fuller, fiscal declaration at the beginning of the following month. As such border checks and any ensuing delays would be minimised as far as possible. If you are not yet registered for this process please email us in order we can help you prepare

VAT postponement Arrangements

In the event of a no deal exit from the European Union the UK Government has revealed planned changes to the current VAT system. Amongst other changes there will be a system that postpones the need to account for import VAT on UK imports (both imports from EU and non EU origins).

Instead of having to pay import VAT upon importation UK businesses will be able to account for their import VAT on their VAT return. For more details on this and other proposed changes ot the VAT system in the event of a no deal Brexit please email us

EORI registration

The first phase of being ready to import in to the UK after it has exited the European Customs Union is to ensure your business has a valid EORI registration.

This is a simple and straightforward procedure that can be completed online within minutes.

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